Massage Therapy

Offering a variety of styles, you can pick which is best for you any day of the week.

Our massage room exists to further and compliment the therapies and detox we offer. From a quick chair massage to full body and couples massage, simply SCHEDULE your time and arrive 5-10 minutes before. Walk-ins are not guaranteed, however you can SCHEDULE for the same day (upon availability). You do not have to be a monthly member at Third Coast Salt to schedule a massage.
We are here to be a place of healing for all who enter. Come as you are.

Chair Massage

$15 10 Min
$20 15 Min
$25 20 Min
$30 25 Min
$35 30 Min
$60 60 Min

Table Massage

$45 30 Min Upper Body Table Massage
$45 30 Min Prenatal Massage
$40 30 Min Target Therapy
$75 60 Min Full Body Table Massage
$75 60 Min Prenatal Massage
$100 90 Min Full Body Table Massage
$100 90 Min Prenatal Massage

$85 Young Living Feel Good Massage 60 Min *Promotes feelings of emotional well being
$110 Young Living Feel Good Massage 90 Min *Promotes peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony