Salt Therapy

Welcome to Third Coast Salt! Amarillo's only Salt Therapy Spa. If you are struggling with breathing problems, eczema, sinus issues and more, Salt Therapy may give you great relief! In our salt room, the ions in the air are charged by our pharmaceutical-grade himalayan salt wall. Experience the ultimate in mind, body, and soul cleansing while relaxing in one of our comfy leather lounge chairs. Escape the pervasive lure of everyday technology while relaxing in our Salt Therapy room. Micro particles of salt are dispersed throughout the room, creating a rejuvenating negative ion environment. Following the (45) minute session, you’ll breathe easier and leave feeling wonderfully relaxed. Our adult relaxation room will have the capacity for up to 10 guests at once. Our Youth Play Room can accommodate 10 and we will also have a private salt room. Detox and lymph drain may occur (usually your nose starting to run is a sign of these).

You don't have to be sick to enjoy the benefits of Salt Therapy! We invite you to come relax in a way that recharges you in our "unplugged" atmosphere. Membership is not required, however members receive benefits on top of unlimited Salt Therapy sessions.